Infant Program

Our program for infants sets its pace around the needs and unique differences of each child. Routines are the curriculum for an infant’s day. Every moment of a young child’s day offers opportunities for learning. The infant teacher catches these moments and helps each baby establish trust, discover and feel good about herself, tackle a motor task, realize the power of language, and begin to understand this strange new world from many angles. This is accomplished as each teacher keys into the verbal and nonverbal messages the child is sending.

An infant teacher knows that rich verbal interactions with children help them to understand that language is a tool for identifying and expressing his/her needs, ideas, and feelings in later life. Each of our caregivers accepts that infants need to explore the world through mouthing and touching and allows for this, viewing it as a valuable learning experience. This teacher is alert to the need for proper sanitation measures and follows them consistently and conscientiously. She understands that what is made available for children to use depends on who the children are and what their needs are, developmentally. This might necessitate frequent rotation of toys to keep up with a growing child, or prompt a teacher to make a toy that focuses on the child’s interest or need.

Teacher to Child Ratio

Infants 1:4

  • Age-appropriate toys, games and music are provided to stimulate development.
  • Your child receives nurturing personal care to build self-esteem.
  • Stimulating activities and group interactions generate interest and curiosity as your child grows.
  • Your child is encouraged to play and explore to promote cognitive and motor skills.
  • You will enjoy regular communication with teachers, so that you are informed about your child’s day.